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Watch Caprica Season 1 Online

capricaFor all the Battlestar Galactica fans out there, you only have one more month to go before your appetite for more sci-fi is satiated.  Caprica, a spinoff of the successful aforementioned series, is set to premiere next year on January 22nd.  Caprica is a prequel set 58 years before Galactica, and will tell the story of how colonial humanity first created the robotic Cyclons.  The Cylons would then destroy the human civilization in retaliation for their enslavement.

The pilot has ironically already been released on DVD in April earlier this year and if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ve probably already seen it.  Along with the two-hour pilot premiere, the series will boast a first season of nineteen hour-long episodes.  Producers of Caprica will try to differentiate the series from its parent series to be unique.  In order to draw more viewers, specifically female views, the story has softened and taken a new identity with its content and tone.

The storyline is one not of survival, but of success.  Humanity is intoxicated by their advances to create the Cylons and they are oblivious to the unlimited promise of their new-found technology.  Caprica is also set in urban locales instead of in space, which instantly gives it a more grounded and relatable feel.  A new fan of the show will be able to pick it up without having to watch all the seasons of Galactica.  Caprica can be seen on the SyFy channel after its premiere on January 22nd.  If you miss any of the episodes, you can get caught up at the following sites:

Places to Watch Caprica Season 1 Online:
    The official site to catch all the latest episodes of Caprica as well as other Syfy shows.  If Carpica follows the normal Syfy upload schedule, new episodes will be uploaded one day after airing.  The full pilot episode is available right now on the website if you can’t wait until Jan. 22nd.
    Popular online site is like an online DVR. Subscribe to a wide array of shows and their player is also in HD. Hulu will post the episodes as soon as Syfy does.
    Not only can you watch the latest few episodes but you can also find out exactly who the actors are. The video player is linked to Hulu so viewing is high quality.
    This site is like Hulu except a little younger. If you have a Slingbox account, you can stream content from the Slingbox to your computer. Sling also uses the Hulu player.

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